Weight Conditions

Many people struggle with managing their weight, whether they are
looking to lose weight, or looking to find the cause of unexpected
weight loss. Weight conditions are treatable with integrative approaches
utilizing dietary and nutritional recommendations, among many other treatments.


Weight Gain

Struggle with weight gain and being unable to lose weight is extremely common. Some patients have tried countless approaches to combatting their weight gain with little to no results. While certain patients experience weight gain due to overeating, others experience weight gain due to underlying health conditions such as gastrointestinal disorders, vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances or thyroid disorder. At the Garden City Center for Integrative Health we work with you to find the underlying causes of your weight gain and help you tackle it head on, with a combination of integrative weight loss treatmtents.

Weight Loss

Weight loss on the other hand, if not intentional can be a cause for concern. Certain medical conditions can cause rapid and unexpected weight loss. Weight loss, if not expected or not achieved properly, can lead to vitamin deficiencies and hormone imbalances that negatively affect your health.

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